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Ok for those who didn't see my thread in leveled trucks I had the threads on my drivers side 5100 roll over and I lost a the top of my coilover, a ball joint, and obviously the shock. I've been running 35s since '10...well technically my old Nittos were 35.5...but I digress.

I am putting in new upper ball joints on both sides, I have a Moog ~3m/o tie rod end, and I'm going on and replacing the other. After I get everything back together I'm going to drill the cross-member and install an SSD92 for these terrible Lonoke County roads. I know not everyone buys into the need but when you are running that much heavier of a tire you are talking about a lot more leverage so I can't help but think that this will be a step in a positive direction.

I'll try to take pictures as I go, so stay tuned!!

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