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Hey all, whats up? Here's an update for that knocking/creaking noise coming from the front passenger side:

I am now on my 5th time to the deal because of this noise. No offense to any of you who may work on cars, but I don't think any of these guys are trying. So far, I have had my axel and cv joint replaced because the boot was bad. Thought it was fixed and that night I heard the same noise. Took it back, had a mechanic actually ride with me and got the noise. He had it for an entire day, almost 10 hours and decided it was the sway bar bushings. They replaced those plus the sway bar links today. Didn't hear the noise until a block later and took it back right away. I am wondering if they even bother driving it after they work on it. The service manager said the drove it, but I want to call BS. They have it for now, but I am thinking of taking it else where. I am really getting aggrivated that my 1.5 year old truck has been in the shop almost a full 4 days and no one can tell me what the hell is wrong.
I still suspect maybe a body panel rubbing or something.
Oh well, the one good thing out of this is a free loaner. So far I have had a new Charger (awesome), a Grand Caravan (boo) and now I have a Journey.
Sigh, I want my truck back...
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I get the noise on bumps, but not all bumps, as far as knocking goes. Some bigger bumps I won't hear it, but on smaller stuff, even bigger cracks in the road I get it, and not usually over 50 mph. So I would say regular driving. When I pull up a curb and the suspension is flexing, it creaks.
Hey geener, yea that is what I thought, but they replaced the tie rod ends a while back when the recall came out. I looked through my paper work and it said they replaced them. Did they? Who knows. I might tell them that again.
Thanks for the info so far
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