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Well, i WAS doing a pretty decent sized build. Planning on amping my speakers, new box behind the seat for subs and rear speakers. Plus some miscellaneous things throughout the project. don't get me wrong, it was a very SLOW process, Ive been busy, but for anyone who would've liked a write up or a follow along for it, its not going to happen at this point.

I was driving down the road the other day, noticed my front brakes were griding TERRIBLY bad at low speeds(fine at higher speeds). then POP. something happened, not entirely sure what yet, front right kinda lifted a tad too. Could be simple, could be not. I'm not a motorhead. But until i get time to take it in after my vacation for a few weeks, the projects will stop haha.

so in case you were one of the few people that wanted to see this project done, sorry for the disappointment, it hopefully will happen eventually, but not for at least a month-ish. :LOL:
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