usb port add on possible?

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Just got my new 2012 ram and am new to the forums so hello! When I was at the dealership I noticed some trucks had a usb port to connect an ipod or iphone to for playing music through the truck. My truck just has the aux in port in the front so am wandering if you can buy just the usb connection later on down the road.

I have been looking online and have not yet found anything that does not involve a aftermarket radio install. Help would be great!
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The usb cable doesn't go to the radio. It plugs into the external Uconnect module which is located on the main dash structure. If you remove the glove box and look to the right you should see it there at the end of thee dash. This is for the REQ, RES,RHB & RBZ radios.

I bought a 2012 3500 ST and later saw a USB port in a cab at the wrecking yard while looking to get parts to install an upper glove box. I pulled out my upper pocket and the USB port was already there taped in behind the dash support cross bar. I plugged in the Ipod and heard a ding through the speakers but it won't play. I don't know if the USB is hooked to the radio. I have the Media Center 130 (RES) and Uconnect Voice Command w/Bluetooth. Hopefully someone can help me out. Pull your lower glove box then remove the upper and see if your have a USB already.

Well, really in a round about way, it doesn't go to the radio. The iPod plugs into the cable which plugs into the Uconnect module. The iPod downloads the Meta Data and content information to the Uconnect which stores it in it's memory. The Meta Data files are sent across the High Speed CAN BUS network and the audio is sent as a mili volt output to basically an AUX input on the radio which then amplifies the output.
Have you tried turning Shuffle on the iPod itself before plugging oit into the cable?
As for playing artist in alphabetical order. The way Uconnect works is:
When you select an artist that you want to listen to:
1) If you select "Play All", then the tracks will be played in alphabetical order and not the way the are on the CD.
2) If you select (1) of the artists CD's and play, then the tracks will be played the way htey are listed on the CD.
Anytime that you select "play all" the music will be played in alphabetical order.

In a round about way it goes to the radio. I have the cable and know it goes to the Uconnect then to the radio. Do you know how i can get it to shuffle songs and not play them by artist in alphabetical order. Thanks in advance for the help.

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