usb port add on possible?

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Just got my new 2012 ram and am new to the forums so hello! When I was at the dealership I noticed some trucks had a usb port to connect an ipod or iphone to for playing music through the truck. My truck just has the aux in port in the front so am wandering if you can buy just the usb connection later on down the road.

I have been looking online and have not yet found anything that does not involve a aftermarket radio install. Help would be great!
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You can sync the Iphone and Ipod as Bluetooth Audio. No ned for usb cable, but then you ARE using a 12v plug for power. I prefer BT link myself though. Phone can stay in pocket if I am on short trip.
Took out my glove box and sure enough - there was the USB cable taped in place. Plugged i my Iphone 4 and BAM it works.

F'in charge people 300 bucks for nothing. Why not just install the USB mount glove box in all vehicles? What a SCAM!

I will note that because the interface isn't very fast I'll just use the cable for charging, and the BT function for audio so I can scroll itunes and pandora faster.


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