v10 Throttle Body Options?

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I've read elsewhere that aftermkt throttle body mods can help uncork the V10. Any suggestions on available opitons and sources?

Also seems to be limited options for fresh air kits so any advice there is appreciated as well. The only one I've managed to find so far is a K&N but it won't fit on my rig because it puts the filter cone right where my auxiliary battery is (I have a dual batt setup like the diesel, just one of many reasons I call my favorite rig the morphadite):) As it stands I'm contemplating trying to make my own from black pvc pipe and the biggest cone I can fit behind the windshield washer tank on the drvr side.
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There are other kits for cold air that route across the front of the engine to the other side. Google it and you can see pictures. Unless your spare batt is on the passenger side it should work fine. Or you could invest in an aftermarket ram or scoop styled hood and design your own cold air induction box since the air box is close to the center of the hood...K&N is the way to go anyway for more HP and MPG. Not much else we can do to our V10s. I know that there is a designed bevel on the throttle body (both ports for the upper and lower rails) that is there to create a suction or venturi to help with air flow for the upper range of RPMs so porting would most likely do more harm than good...

Upon searching, I believe Fastman makes a 53mm TB that works...
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