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My annual vacation is a trip to Lake Almanor in Northern CA. From the San Francisco area up to the Lake is about 450 miles roundtrip. Elevation gain is 4500 feet. Throw in running around two lane highways, USFS gravel roads and other fun time, I put about 650 miles on the Eco Diesel. I did it for 5 years with my Explorer Sport Trac and last year with a rented F150 with the V8. But my Eco has been the most fun to drive. It had all the acceleration of the F150 going up the hills and it never even seemed I had a 3000 pound boat on the hitch. So, with 1000 pounds of gear and people plus the boat my over all MPG was 25 compared to the F150 last year of 18 and the Explorer's best of 16. Love my RAM:smileup:


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