Value on stock rims and tires

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Buddy of mine is wanting to buy my 20 inch chrome factory rims and tires for his older Ram. Looking at what a fair price for the wheels and tires would be (6000 miles on them)?

Also any issues with them going from my 4x4 to his 2 wheel drive.
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I think I saw somewhere that a set of rims and tires sold for about $500. If you have the Goodyear tires I think they are worth squat--I'd give them away. Also you need to consider how good a friend the buyer is------
Sold mine for 1200 here, mind you I had BFG all terrains mounted on them
I heard from somebody they are $1100 EACH through a dealer.. Who knows if its true or not but that would be outragious
I have seen them on eBay from $299 - $999, both still in the box

4 Wheels & tires used go for $1800

A dealer, Steve White's eBay page, Wheels

there are the rest of the wheels at the bottom of the page
It's crazy what they can go for and how they differ for the same wheel
I had a chance on a set of slightly used(300km) 2012 Sport rims and stock tires(yes, the stock tires are crap) but the price seemed right, about $1500. So, I researched it and I could get the same tires (installed and balanced) on my 2010 Sport for about $1100. The stock clads(new) from a Mopar site were over $300 per rim. Having said that, I don't feel that a used set (even if there are only a few hundred km's on them) are worth near that much, as you can get a decent set of aftermarket rims for that kind of $$$. Not to mention that the aftermarket rims aren't "chrome clad" and are usually better quality. Also, for $1100, you can get a much better tire than stock for that much(or slightly more).

As for my deal, I'm still considering buying them 'cause it is a pretty good deal, but then I'm stuck running those crap tires again. And considering my rims are already starting to show wear, I'm not sure if it's really want a spare set. I'd rather spend a bit more and get a better set.
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