variable knocking/ tapping noise from tanny?

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i am having an issue with the ol ram that has had me and several other professional mechanics scratching our heads for some time now... the fam and i took a trip to south carolina and on the way back i noticed a knocking noise coming from under the truck. i stopped to check it out but could not find anything obviously wrong. i continued to drive home apx 70 miles. the temp gauge never went up oil preesure was normal no loss in power shifted and drove normally except loud noise of corse. changed oil no metal shavings. the noise sounds like a nut or bolt bouncing around in the bell housing of tranny. stuck a stethascope on the engine block right in front of tranny and could not hear the noise, moved back to bell housing and could hear it plain as day.the farther back i went on the tranny the quieter the noise got. pulled the tranny out and found everything to appear normal. replaced flex plate and torque converter and still nothing has changed. at idle the noise comes and goes but gets louder whenu give it gas. if any one has any suggestions or thoughts they would be very much appreciated! thanks in advance guys
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I have a 2011 Ram 1500 that went to the dealership for camd and Lifters came back to be with a broken bellhousing so had to buy a transmission, when it came back to me it had tgis same exact knocking noice and a metal to metal scratching sound that cannot be located. New transmission I had to buy, also replaced the flex plate/flywheel. However, I have pulled all coil packs individual and no change in knocking noise, My truck will nit go back to the dealership, after damage to the outside of the truck, damage to the inside of my truck and also having to buy a new transmission due to them replacing a brand new starter on the truck that was not authorized by me or the warranty company. Now my 2011 Ram is sitting in the driveway wasting away. Does anyone know how to figure out where this knocking noise is coming from without the transmission being hooked up? It would be nice to know if it was in my engine. I also fid locate one main bolt the dealership had broken. Please help
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