various issues

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OK, here goes.... First off my bad if it's not in the right spot.

1) my signal light is not functioning properly, when in the left position, it flashes right, sometimes both, sometimes nothing... same if in right position.

2) I have the 20" stock rims, on an 06 SLT Sport. I put on a set of Duratrac 275-65-20's on, will I have speedo and rubbing issues.

3) my back seat is not raising properly, the small section works fine, but the bigger side won't go up, like it needs a latch released or something... but I cant find a latch.

4) last one for now :) I have the infinity stereo system... with uconnect. is there an aux hidden somewhere???? and if I put an aftermarket stereo, will I lose the uconnect.

Thanks again in advance for the help!!!!
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My 06 Ram does the signal thing too. But only when it's below zero degree weather. Kinda weird. I did get a recall about turn signal malfunction in the mail though.
Lol no problem.
Well that's good stuff right there. Happy to help.
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