Vehicle pulling when hard braking

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Have a brand new Tradesman Regular cab 3.6. with about 900 miles on it. Noticed during medium to hard braking at highway sppeds it is pulling to the right. That is the only time it is pulling. Normal driving and braking is true and straight. Any ideals why this might be happening?
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How hard does it pull? Does it actually "jerk" the steering wheel, where you have to consciously pull it back straight, or is it more of a steady drift or oa drift that gets progressively worse? If you feel it in the steering wheel, I'd have the front brakes looked at. If it's a gentle drift, maybe rears, but I've also seen tires cause this, may not hurt to try rotating the front side to side to see if the pull changes direction.
Thanks for the update, at least they figured out its a hydraulic issue, good luck.
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