very happy with 18" Magnaflow

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After months of intense research mostly here, I finally had 18" Magnaflow installed. I am very pleased with it. Sound's perfect to me and not too loud.
My wife and I went somewhere after I got home from having it done.
I was driving as I normally do with her in the truck and she didn't even notice. Of course, she was talking a lot!
Most of our drive was on secondary roads running at about 110 kph.It was still pretty quiet in the cab.
I had it done at a shop belonging to a major chain of muffler shops here in Canada.
They charged me a total of $301.
The muffler was $145 and the rest was the SS pipe and 1 hr labour and tax.
Ever thing is welded of course.
I know I could have bought the muffler for less, but it would have worked out close with shipping to Canada.
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Congrats on a great mod! Been loving mine for a whol year now!
Just ordered my mufflex DOD18 yesterday and getting it this Monday.....can't wait to put it in! :) I feel like a kid in a candy store.
Congrats on the mew muffler. It will get a little bit louder after the packing burns off but they sound awesome, especially at WOT.
Awesome. I have the same muffler and love it.. Quiet upon cruising and and has a nice growel upon acceleration..
Hey razorbass, how about them hogs! WPS
Woo Pig Sooie! Go Hogs!
grats on the new mod. order FM AT's earlier this weel. Will be here MOnday and hopefully installed that day also. Got pics of the new setup?
Finally...after taking forever waiting on parts they are on: The Y-pipe, mandrel bent elbows, and 18" Magnaflow! :Banana01:

I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. The increased throttle response is amazing, I haven't even got a K&N or CAI on yet and can feel the difference. The sound is amazing, I was originally going to go with the 24", but at the last minute I changed my mind to the 18" and am glad I did now. I had read that once you put a new muffler on that it was hard to keep your foot out of it afterwards...and this is so true! :smileup:
congrats on the muffler

their good product ,.. :smiley_thumbs_up:
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