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After months of intense research mostly here, I finally had 18" Magnaflow installed. I am very pleased with it. Sound's perfect to me and not too loud.
My wife and I went somewhere after I got home from having it done.
I was driving as I normally do with her in the truck and she didn't even notice. Of course, she was talking a lot!
Most of our drive was on secondary roads running at about 110 kph.It was still pretty quiet in the cab.
I had it done at a shop belonging to a major chain of muffler shops here in Canada.
They charged me a total of $301.
The muffler was $145 and the rest was the SS pipe and 1 hr labour and tax.
Ever thing is welded of course.
I know I could have bought the muffler for less, but it would have worked out close with shipping to Canada.
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