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I am stealing some posts from my fellow Avenger board members. I saw this and thought someone here might like to know:

I went today to buy some vht nightshades for my tails at Canadian tire, I was told that they are no longer carrying it, once the stock they have is gone it's gone!! so if you were thinking about it get it now while you still can get it locally.

Thanks for the heads up! That is good to know.

If anyone needs any nightshade I believe home hardware still carries it, some of the locations also carry plasti dip

And than there is also always pacific mall..

These posts were from Windsor and Toronto respectively.

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interesting, I will have to check next time I am at crappy tire. Locally Home Hardware is the only place that carries plasti dip, and they cant even keep it on the shelf, but it is 20 bucks a can. good thing I dont need anymore vht. Thanks for the heads up BlueJet, pretty cool of you to pass that along to the Ontario section
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