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I have had a vibration in my rear end at 35 &70 MPH. I have had it up on a rack with wheels free to spin while in gear. Symptoms noted: Caliper for the brakes move back n forth laterally left worse than right. Tire moves up and down perceptibly.
Mechanic "A" says I have a set of bent axles-need to be replaced.
Mechanic "B" says my rotors are warped and need to be replaced.
Mechanic "C" says my drive shaft is out of balance- go balance it.
Mechanic "D" says since you replaced the axles and the rotors and balanced the tires repeatedly, you must have a bad set of hubs.
Mechanic "E" says go road force balance your tires before you replace hubs. (There is no road force balancing facility within a 50 mile radius of where I live.)

If I can't solve the problem, I am going quit and sell my Dodge and move on to another brand.
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