Video Output?? 2012 Laramie

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Hey guys. I just bought a 2012 Laramie and want to install monitors in the headrest. I wanted to know if the factory stereo (nav/dvd 430 or 740?) has a video output jack to run to the monitors? I have read about lockpic? that taps into the wiring harness, to have rear camera at all times, dvd at all times etc. I am not worried about watching tv while I drive, but want to hook up some monitors so my kids can watch on road trips! Any advice, help is appreciated!
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Kefier - My name is Lenny from NAV-TV, we are the Official OEM Integration Sponsor for the RAM Forumz - What you need is the ALLGIG + AV Harness - this will unlock the factory DVD and Navigation as well as allowing you to force the backup camera at all times -

The cool thing is that it has Rear Outputs to set up some monitors in the back -

NAV-TV is Made in America + you will receive 10% Off since you are a Forumz Member -
Feel free to call me at 561 955 9770 ext 119 or Email at [email protected]
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