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I was having difficulty with the R/RES 130 radio over bluetooth and ran the 'uconnect.upd' update that I found thru another Dodge forum. I used a blank USB stick that was formatted as FAT32 as required.

The software update did not error out, but after restarting the radio, it will no longer recognize my voice commands. The radio still will read my USB stick, but simply quit responding to voice commands. The bluetooth works, strangely enough.

The update seems to have fixed the bluetooth issue, but left me with no voice response.

I'm guessing I installed the wrong uconnect.upd file. I pulled the battery cable for a few minutes hoping that would reset the radio, but no change.

I already emailed Chrysler and they were no help... 'we recommend you visit your local Ram dealer for assistance'.

Anyone here have the correct uconnect.upd file for a R/RES 130 radio?

Is there a way to just reset my radio to the factory original software? Perhaps a sequence of buttons to press on the front?

Thank you in advance.

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