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As mentioned in my other thread about cleaning the throttle body, I got my Volant CAI intake on Friday. I installed it this morning.

The install was pretty straight forward, but I did have to fuss with it a little bit in 3 areas - heater hose, AC line, and stock air box mounting pin. The one heater hose tube in its stock position more or less crossed right over the mouth of the new air box. I just slightly bent the rigid part of the hose where it entered the firewall to make clearance. One of the AC lines where it came it from beside the radiator kind of jammed up against the new air box. For that too I just bent it downwards/inwards enough so that it would clear the new air box. There was also a stock mounting pin of sorts that kind of prevented the new air box from seating down. For that I just modified the new air box so it would clear.

Pic 1 - This shows the inside of the stock air box. You can see where I am pointing there was a factory recess/dimple to clear the pin it sat on top of. The new air box did not have this dimple.

Pic 2 - This shows the mounting pin on the fender well after the air box was removed.

Pic 3 - This shows the underside of the Volant air box. After dry fitting it a couple times, the little mounting pin left a mark/scratch on the box. I used this as a reference for a clearance hole I was going to drill.

Pic 4 - This shows the 3/4" hole I drill into the airbox

Pic 5 - This shows the new Volant CAI completely installed.

When I first got the kit and opened it up, I was quite impressed with the overall quality. The silicone couplers were a nice touch. The only thing I didn't like was the final fit. The new air box didn't seem to seat down far enough to mate up perfectly with the stock air hole on the fender well. It sat up about 3/4" too high. I tried monkeying with it a little by removing the mounting grommets on the underside of the air box. This did let the air box sit about a 1/4" lower, but the box itself was now too loose. I didn't like it, so I re-installed the grommets and let it be. When the warmer weather comes, I will monkey with it a bit more to see if I can get it to fit better. The Volant air box also came with a 3" intake hole on the underside of it for a ram air attachment. When the warmer weather comes, I will probably install something there as well. Hopefully by then Volant will something readily available.



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