Volant CAI question

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Ok so there are 2 types of Volant intakes, I'm assuming one with the power core filter that just connects to the HEMI hat and the other connecting to the TB but without the power core filter. Am I right?

Here's full

Here's power core to the HEMI hat

Which is better???
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Yea I prefer the full intake do you kno if there's a difference in performance?? I prefer the closed intake rather than a k&n where it's open
Yea but the power core option just connects to the HEMI hat
Oh ok maybe I'll click buy and see if it comes with that option to upgrade. Why is it so much better?
Well the jets site says 5.7 HEMI and they have the separate one for the 4.7. I went s&b and couldn't find anything. Any link to it?
Ok cool thanks barn, :rep: I'm going to purchase one within the next week
I'm going to wait till the s&b actually, it does look good
1 - 7 of 13 Posts
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