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I recently purchased a 5500 4WD cab/chassis with attached custom pump hoist It came with a package containing several uplifter and VSIM cables. When plugging in the brown harness into the appropriate connector cavity I get no response when connecting wire W722 to ground [ DG/TN ] which is supposed to unlock doors. The literature implies that the VSIM sales code is "XXS" and standard with ambulance prep, as well as available as stand alone package. Since testing produced no result with door lock function I'm assuming the VSIM cables came with uplifter cables but I don't actually have VSIM ?
Where to find sales code ?
Has anyone retrofitted with the "stand alone option" ? Cost ?
My local dealer is retarded and didn't know much.
It would be cool to have access to several of the functions provided.
i.e. : Door Lock, Flashing Lights, Wig Wag lights.
hidden unlock switch would be particularly nice.
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