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I've got a 1997 ram 1500 5.2L extended cab. I eventually wanna get a cheap trailer to haul behind it on the hitch. Would 20' or even up to 24' trailers be too long and there for too much weight for this truck to handle? If it is what upgrades could I do to better handle it and keep my truck from wearing out?

It will be towed up to the mountains. Also unfortunately my truck is lowered by quite a bit :( Not my preference but I got a great deal on the truck and didn't wanna pass it up. It was lowered on a budget. Meaning by removing rear leafs and cutting the front springs.

On a good note he says he added an upgraded rear differential because he was wanting to pull a boat with it eventually but never ended up doing it. (never got the boat). Not sure how to tell what kind/size he put in?

Let me know what you think or if there are any more details I am forgetting to add. And thanks for helping out this total noob that I am :)
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