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Had a similar problem on my 2017, 2500 HD yesterday. This seems to be the latest thread on the topic so I thought I’d add my experience. Driving along motorway at 110 Km/hr and got “Service Electronic Braking System” and “Brake Fluid Low”. Red Brake warning light and yellow TCS light. All warnings and lights remained on constantly.
I pulled over and checked brake fluid, all good sitting a couple of millimeters below the Max line.
I turned the engine off, waited 5 minutes and turned it on again. All warnings reappeared.
I figured that as the brakes were still working fine, the fluid level was good so worst case seems to be that maybe Traction Control System was now not working.
Drove the remaining 10 Km back to where we were staying and opened up Dr Google. I did wonder whether I had the same problem as reported by the OP with hcu and abs module problems. I did a scan with my Foxwell scanner and it reported an ABS Fault.
I read somewhere on here or the ‘other’ Ram Forum about someone reported loose fuses so this morning I checked the fuses in the main fuse box under the hood. I was astounded at the number of fuses that were loose in situ. Fuses numbers 26 (antilock brakes) and 76 (antilock brakes and esc) were definitely loose. I made sure that all the fuses were pressed in tight and fired it up.
Low and behold no error messages and no stored error messages. Thanks to y’all for your input. These forums are fantastic and helped out a brother from the other side of the pond.
Fingers crossed it stays fixed?

Update..... Daym, it’s come back!

Looks like a trip to a dealer.
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