Warranty approved body lifts?

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hey guys happy holidays, can anyone tell me if there is a body lift on the market that is warranty approved? I m looking to pick up the nose dive on the front-end but I'm not interested in voiding any warranty. I m not sure how many inch's you can lift the body before have to extend any parts or change suspension. Also what are the best products on the market for lets say a 2-4 inch lift ? or is that not enough? HELP ME
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A body lift won't change the nose down stance of the truck, it will just be nose down a little higher in the air. The only way to remedy the nose down is with a leveling kit (struts or spacers) for the front suspension. Depending on your dealership, the warranty on various front end components might be compromised. There have also been some issues with a "wobble" in 4wd after a leveling kit is installed. It is really hit or miss as to whether a truck will wobble or not, mine does not but I have heard of many that do.
Here is mine with 2" Top Gun Customz strut spacers installed. I have no problems with vibrations in 4wd as some have complained about with leveling kits installed, and have not noticed any wear and tear after a year and 20k plus miles.

With stock wheels and tires:

With 255/80/17 (just under 34") BFG KM2's on MB Chaos 5 wheels:

As it sat around noon today:

The CV angles after the leveling kit was installed:

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