Warranty approved body lifts?

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hey guys happy holidays, can anyone tell me if there is a body lift on the market that is warranty approved? I m looking to pick up the nose dive on the front-end but I'm not interested in voiding any warranty. I m not sure how many inch's you can lift the body before have to extend any parts or change suspension. Also what are the best products on the market for lets say a 2-4 inch lift ? or is that not enough? HELP ME
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Thanks for your response, I was aware of that, and also have been told that as long as license mopar tech preformed the work then the dealership would approve of said work. I'm looking for a dealership to do the work but not sure if there's a mopar product or if there is a better aftermarket kit, and if anyone was aware of a dealership that would install? any suggestions?
I contacted my dealership and may have convinced the service manager to install a leveling kit (AS THEY ONCE DID), WHAT IS THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET TODAY, AND HOW MANY INCH'S CAN I GAIN IN THE FRONT-END?
Can anyone show me some side pics of their truck that has a leveling kit installed on it, that would be great. I just don't want to have to complete the work and not be satisfied with the height increase.
The factory rim and tire on the Big Horn are 275 60 R20. what is that equivalent to in inch's ?
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