Water Leak?

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I've done some searching to see if anyone else has had a similar issue and didn't come up with anything. I seem to have a leak somewhere in the front passenger area. Last night I made a 600 mile trip back home for the holidays and washed it today to rinse all the salt off of it. Anyways, I got back from washing it and decided to vacuum the inside and started to pull out all of the floor mats, when I got to the front passenger mat I noticed the issue. The carpet under the mat was completely soaked all the way up to under the glove box area.

Any ideas where the leak is coming from? It did rain for about half of the trip too. I did some looking around and didn't notice anything unusual, but I didn't remove anything either. Any chance it might be the windshield?

Thanks for any help!
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it could also be the third brake light seal...the water surprisingly travels to the passenger floor board wihtout any trouble..or evidence it came in from the third light seal.
i had the same issue on my 96 ram...older truck same principal. i thought it was my door seal for a year or wasnt until i read a thread on here about the newer models havig problems with the third brake seal that i decided to check the 96...sure enough that is where it was. were it weeped inside you could barely tell it was coming from the rear of the truck, but it did. i had to pull the side panel in the rear seat before i could notice the water was coming from the back. there was a channel behind the panel that brought the water right to the front floor board. i posted the fix i did in the 2nd gen section under interior problems.
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