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Hey all,

So I am pretty sure my water pump is bad but I just want to confirm with you all to see if there is any other possibilities before I start tearing things apart.

BEN: You may have it figured out but others looking may want to know that a leak in the thermostat housing area is often misdiagnosed as a water pump.

The truck has 106,XXX miles and during my regular checks of the radiator reserve tank I had noticed the fluid levels decreasing. I figured maybe it was just because of summer or maybe somehow I was burning off coolant. Just today I noticed a pretty bad leak, a continuous drip. It was pretty hard to see where it was coming from exactly but it was definitely not the radiator and the hoses seemed ok. The drips were spreading around a bit but mostly hitting the differential below the block and that is why I think it is the water pump.

The weird part of all this and the reason I did not notice this all the time, is it does not always leak! As soon as I noticed the leak I went in the store and when I came back out it had stopped. I filled the fluid back up and drove home and now it is not leaking! :4-dontknow:

I guess that is a good thing because at the rate it was leaking, the radiator would be empty by the morning. I am guessing by the inconsistency of the leak it cannot be the hoses or the radiator so that leaves the water pump.

any other input would be appreciated! I have a Haynes manual but I do not know much about water pumps.

thanks in advance
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