Wax/Sealant and 3M clear film protectant

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I am thinking about putting 3M clear film protectant on the rocker panels and the front of my 2010 Sport. I assume that the existing wax/sealant needs to be stripped off before installation, however I have a couple of questions. After the protectant is installed how much of the "shine" do you lose? Can you or should you use sealant/wax on the clear film? And if you do what are the results? Can you readily see the protectant or is it almost invisible? It seems to be almost the only way to prevent rock chips, at least on the frontend.
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Im not sure if i have the same product your talking about but i had brought some 3-M clear tape protectant that is used for aircraft and tried it on a vehical and the only downside is that it yellows after a while but it does work good.
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