Welder size

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Good day, I've never welded before but am looking to give it a shot.
I wanted to do some body work like cutting out rusted panels and
and putting in a new one. I see all these different ampages, how
low can I go for doing body work? I'm not looking to do frame work
anything big just body work.

Thank you in advance!!
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I bought a Lincoln Electric 125 and used it a lot. I bought some steel to learn how to weld, so watch the videos on Lincoln Electrics site and also Youtube.

Flux core is a dirty weld, so I ended up buying a gas cylinder and getting it filled. Cost me 130 bucks. But the welds are very clean.
Using flux core, I did weld large D-Rings to my car hauler with multiple passes and I couldn't knock them off with a sledge hammer. Just slow because of the limited cycle time, but got it done.
I only have 110 in the garage, so I went with the Lincoln Electric Pro-Mig 135.
Like Speedfoos said, buy the best you can that work for you.

Props to Speedfoos for a great writeup on the use and extra's you need. I bought a bottom line Hobart helmet and it's worked well. Big thing is to shield the weld from others like kids watching.

Having a welder lets you do things you wouldn't do before. Garden decorations, Halloween decorations. Fixing things that break you can now do. If I was younger, I would go to welding school and get certified.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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