welp 4x4 fun

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Well in Virginia we had some snow so i went trail riding and got covered in this pasty mud.well today went to a friends house and he had a big ramp so we decided to have a flex test he has a 94 f-250 with 10inches of lift on 38.5 inch thornbirds it flex well so I drove my stock 2008 dodge ram 1500 with the 20inch wheels and it flexed the hell out of that ramp then after I went to another friends house to watch them drive a mud hole so my friends 94 went through and he dug it out deep so then i got pressured into doing it and i was going in and out of the deep holes and all that the i was stupid and clicked in 4high on drive and went into the holes and sunk to my frame it took 4hours to get me out two trucks tried and didnt work so I found a come a long and ended up getting out oh yeah the 4 sadest hours of my life I thought i was gonna break something. Haha so well it was fun I just know I won't do it till i take my street slicks off and get some tires with grip abd maybe install front hooks.
Hey guys yall know some good dodge offroaf stuff and tips of stuff i should get or anything.
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