What are the chances!?

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So a few months back I was using my spotlight powered by the center console outlet. The light and the power to the plug-in gave out.
I checked the fuses myself and all were good. So a few weeks ago I brought it to the dealer. They said," fuses were good but we are going to have to trace wires to find the problem" so I booked an appointment.
Appointment was Tuesday past and yesterday they called and said that they fixed the plug. Apparently the fuse was missing..??
Anyways he also said I have a new problem. The truck is in the garage and won't come out of park.
They ordered some kind of shift bracket for the truck and that didn't fix it so he said he's going to have to check the wires and it may be also be an ecu probelm.
I didn't think the ecu had anything to do with a transmission. But anyways that's a pretty random problem that I'm having a hard time believing.
Any comments or similar coincidences?
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You sound pretty calm, considering the hassle you are having with your truck. I do not have any solution ideas. Hope that somehow it all comes out OK for you.
I'd highly suggest you call Chrysler and open a case so this is documented. I know a lot of folks have said Chrysler customer service sucks, but opening a case with them helped me with some dealer bullsh*t when I had repeated differential issues and a dealer who wasn't worth a crap. You may want this documented because it sounds like they mucked up some wiring and you know how that goes - lingering problems. Just to cover yourself down the road.
I got my truck back Friday. Everything seems good for now.
Not getting my hopes up anyways.
Chrysler knows all about it everything that's going on. I called them about 5 times during the operation on my truck haha.
Feels like I'm writing all this to myself but anyways I'll update it anyways
I've read every post you've made in this thread. I just don't have anything positive to offer.

Now that you've allegedly got if fixed... Voonderbar! Let's see how long it lasts. Hopefully, for a very long time.
Hopefully so haha.
Thanks anyways guys
Glad to hear you finally got it back. Let's hope that they put a competent worker on the job and got everything fixed right. Best of luck with the truck. I bet it feels like the first day you got it all over again.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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