What brand is recommended??

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Looking to buy some HID's....what brand does everyone recommend?!?
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i just read a review that HIDSRUS are apparently AWESOME...but the price of 60 bucks kinda scares me lol. is like 140??
its good you are doing the research like you are doing !make sure before you buy hid conversion kit will work on your vehicle because they say they will but sometimes they dont. i bought a set and they said it was plug it in and it would work . not so for a week now i am still trying to figure out what the problem is. good luck
If you can, find a set that are CanBUS compatible. There are a few manufacturers out there. I'd contact a member named LCHauler, he has done quite a few installs for local members of a CanBUS compatible ballast, and I'm sure he'd be willing to give you the info on it. He's not a dealer or anything, but he can probably point you in the right direction.
awesome thanks for the advice. ive been recommended to use retro-solutions by a few guys on here. still have several questions though
i had baught a kensun H13 hid bi-xeon conversion kit last week and installed them to my 2006 dodge ram. i tried just about everything to get them to work properly and can not get them to work correctly. i am sending them back for a return .so i ended up ordering a retro solutions hid bi-xeon conversion kit for my 2006 dodge ram. i hope these will work out better for me and i will have a properly working hid lights.
Im a big DDM fan. Im running 55W kits on my fogs lows and high beams and also in the fogs and low/hi on my dads 3rd gen. NEver had a problem that wasnt a user error
The Digital I got from Retro-Solutions were great.

99% of HID kits are all made by the same mfg in China - Zhejiang Sanhua Industry Co., Ltd. They are just rebranded for whatever company bulk orders them. Buy whatever is cheapest and has a lifetime warranty.
I had DDM in my lows with the error eliminators and had problems and took them out shortly after install.. worked well for a few weeks about it.. They still are in my fogs though and seem to work fine there but if I was to purchase HIDs agian I would pay the extra amount and go with retro solutions.. DDM was very nice for the price though must say
You get what you pay for.. If you decide to go on amazon and buy a $40 35w HID set or to go to retro solutions and specify 55w for Rams and pay about $170 well your probably better off.. Just my opinion though
They're all made by the same company.
Never pay more then $1 per watt for China HID's.
Pay a $1 per watt and you'll get to watch the flicker in the HID's soon after install
Pay a $1 per watt and you'll get to watch the flicker in the HID's soon after install
Been there.. Done that.. But try for yourself if you don't want to take my word

They are all made by the same company. Your argument is critically flawed.
Well I ordered mine from retro solutions. I ordered H11's for my low beams and 9145's for my fogs and had them capped. So far im not really happy because they sent me H10's instead of 9145's and they do not appear capped. But idk if H10 is the same as 9145...none the less they dont appear to be capped so i guess it doesnt matter. I will be calling them tomorrow. AND they did not come with instructions and apparently are supposed to....
I had the same issue. Then I found the FAQ on their web page. All is in the FAQ.

Trojan 9145 and h10 is the same bulb. Check your PM
Well I installed the lights and I must say at first I was disappointed. They shorted me the plug n play system I payed for in BOTH my lows and fogs and didn't cap the fogs like I ordered. AND I got no instructions....had to make a couple late last minute trips to O'Reileys. Installed the low beans and they look great. Seem to be pointed a little low though. Anyone know if our headlights are adjustable?
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