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2017 Ram Laramie 4x4 V8
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First to last (don't worry- most of you don't even know what it is- grew up in Europe):

78 VW Polo 1.0
75 Ford Capri 2.3L V6 (like US Ford Caprice)
75 Ford Taunus 1.6L
80 Ford Taunus 2.0L V6
87 Ford Sierra 2.3L Diesel (like Fusion- because of diesel worst car I ever had)
89 Ford Scorpio 2.0L (like Taurus)
91 Ford Sierra 2.0L (survived 3 months- drunk driver hit me)
91 Opel Omega 2.0L (after 6 month I quit repairing, pressurewashed it and sold it)
93 VW Passat 2.0L (most boring vehicle I ever owned)
93 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L (I know what some say- but I loved it)
75 BMW 2002 tii (a rocket!!!!)
79 Opel Kadett ( can't break it- drove the engine tight twice- still was running)
87 VW Golf 1.6L (it drove....but that's about it)
79 Opel Kadett (rust...rust...rust...gone...- can't even count the tons of repair-pieces I welded in)
95 Opel Kadett (the never running one- gave up and kicked it to the curb)
97 VW Transporter 2.5 Diesel (no joke- I drove it with salad oil from Aldi)
98 Ford Sierra 1.6L (needed something to drive)
97 VW Golf 1.6L (same- just a runnaround thing)
79 Lincoln Town Car 5.0 (loved that sucker- got destroyed by a bus)
86 Jeep Cherokee 4.0
94 BMW 540i ( another one I loved- got destroyed by a Nissan Armada)
74 GMC Sierra Grande 350 (should've kept it as yard truck- it was awesome!)
2006 Charger 3.5L (That's where I started loving cars again)
2007 Dodge RAM 1500 4.7L ( my first truck- loved it)
2014 Charger 3.6L (my wife's)
2014 RAM 1500 Crew Cab Hemi (my current one)

I know- the vehicle looking cheesy, but see it this way- I'm a mechanic and I bought them cheap, fixed them up while I was driving and sold them with a little extra into my pay for my somewhat expensive hobby. Until I quit riding bikes, I didn't care much for cars.

And there was several bikes....nothing special- except the last two- but that was not the question...
Ok, I hate to one up ya, but here it goes, from 1st vehicle to my latest:
1970 Dodge Coronet
1983 Honda Prelude
1983 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
1985 Toyota MR2
1988 Audi 5000
1971 VW Bus
1985 V65 Honda Magna (cycle)
1980 Toyota Starlet
1996 Nissan Pathfinder
1996 VW Jetta
2001 Jeep Wrangler
1999 Ford Ranger
2001 Ford Explorer
2007 Toyota Tacoma
1993 Toyota Corolla
2011 GMC Sierra
2014 Subaru Forester
2006 Mini Cooper S Convertible
2013 VW Passat
2017 Ram Laramie 1500
And several rv's in between. This is also not including every vehicle I got for my wife and after about 3 weeks she decided she didn't like it and would take what ever I was driving and I drove her car.

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This thread is like looking down memory lane..,
84 Chevy Citaion.. used as a hvac truck lol
93 Sunbird GT
84 Montecarlo winter rat
78 Montecarlo winter ray
79 Montecarlo..,both those cars became one
67 nova SS all original
94 Toyota pickup mudding monster
78 K5 Blazer
78 Ram Charger... Barney the purple monster
92 Silverado.. turd
98 Tacoma TRD .. what a great truck
2003 1500 Hemi.. first year of the 1500 hemi

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2014 Saturn Redline.. turbo car
2013 Silverado
2008 Ram 1500 Hemi.., wrecked it offroad
2014 Silverado
2020 Ram 1500 North Edition Hemi Crew with 6’4 bed... loving it and happy to be back I a dodge

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02 lincoln LS
99 Civic
94 6.5 c/k 2500
04 tdi jetta
97 4 door geo tracker
17 diesel cclb canyon
19 cclb 3500 - picking up as soon as im home from work in 10 day!

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I had Mopar. All the way back to 1970. Although there were a couple dark years in there where I strayed to brand X. But all else was a Mopar of some sort.

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I had a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium with a hitch for towing a small trailer. Had it three years and spent about $10k in repairs on that sour lemon.
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