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long post with a couple questions

So i got my first truck a 4x4 2003 4.7 V8 Ram 1500 SLT around 200k miles and had a valve seat dropping problem with tail pipe smoke and vacuum leak along with a couple other things.

Bought for $1800 with almost new set of all terrain Goodrich tires 35” with stock wheels and factory lift with Gooseneck trailer upgrade. Payed around $2900 for a complete engine overhaul and a year warranty including intake and exhaust valve seats, oil pump, valve cover and head gaskets, radiator service, shaved down the Warped manifolds, new plugs and a couple injectors and a couple other misc. things, parts included in price

Interior is almost perfect and body has small scratches but overall runs amazing after the work so with only a couple things left to do my average combined mpg stays around 9.5 maybe 13-15 on low traffic highway around 60 mph

its a really truck but ive been reading mixed pages about the 5.7 getting a little better mileage and its hard to pinpoint my exact model HP but i think 235 for 3rd gen before 2008? Im really thinking about selling and buying a 3rd gen blown hemi and paying $2k to rebuild the engine from the shop i went to but i dont see many hemi models with 4x4 and i want the 6 seater model cause im just not crazy about the power this thing is putting out, at least for being used to sportbikes and 1 to 4 power to weight ratio

i heard with mods this engine will probly maxout around where the hemi is getting started.Should i pay to swap a hemi? Is it worth the price? I really like how clean my truck is and all the upgrades it has im mainly wanting a TANK with a lot of space and 4x4 and still be able to burn a little rubber and not guzzle gas.Yeah its a truck and im looking at more bikes to commute but itd be nice to keep the cost down reasonably for out of town worktrips and i dont really know much about how diesels work

also if i did sell my truck to upgrade how much is it worth with $4700 Including purchase price put into it so far running real strong


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