What is the name of the part that attaches the Fuel Tank Filler Neck to my fuel tank?

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I'm trying to figure out the name of the part which attaches the fuel tank filler neck to my fuel tank. (If it is a part.)

It appears to be an insert attached to the fuel tank, and not an integral part of the tank, but I'm not totally sure without totally removing the tank. It looks like it is a grommet with a lip. The filler neck attaches to it. But the parts diagrams I've seen do not show it separately from the fuel tank.

It got cracked when one of the fuel tank straps broke. Now when I attempt to fill the tank, the diesel leaks out at the place the Filler Neck attaches to the tank.

So is it a separate part from the fuel tank which I can purchase? And if so, what is it called?

I have a 1994 - RAM 3500 Cummins Dually.

TIA, Gary.
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Nope you can't purchase it separately.

There's the tank with the collar, rubber hose, then the filler neck.
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Thanks for the response. I guess I'll give a shot at sealing it, otherwise I'll need to replace the fuel tank.

Best Regards, Gary.
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