What Octane do you guys run

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I have a 2010 RAM 1500, just got my K&N cai installed today and I was now thinking of getting the Diablosport Intune. My question is this, what octane do you run in your trucks? Gas prices here in WA are getting high, and while I am running 89 now, I was contemplating trying out 87. I just dont want to start hearing knocks.

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As of the 15th of April, the Tank Farms in both Canada & USA by law can Not receive any more Winter Blend gas.
That means that by May 1st, the Gas Stations will all have Summer Blend gas.
Summer Blend gas does not have much butane in it, winter blend has quite a bit.

Your gas mileage will improve until it is time to go back to Winter Blend in October
Your gas won't go stale as quickly when using Summer Blend

I use 89 octane most of the time, but on occasion i will be in an area where the prices are to high & i will use 87, i have not had any pinging

Your owners manual reads 89 octane recommended, it does not say that it has to be used
I run regular when empty and premium when towing
I run 87 through the winter, it's not worth the extra performance gains when you're mileage is in the toilet anyway. Summertime it gets premium as well as the 91 tune.
87 here. I tried 91 for a couple months and noticed no considerable difference, just ended up paying more.
I run 89 but once in awhile I've run with 87 and have had no problem
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