What To Look For In The Rear End

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I was wondering what it is that i am supposed to look for in the rear end if i take the diff cover off to inspect it. I have a whinning noise and i think there is something wong inside but \i am not sure what i am supposwed to be looking for or what i am supposed to do to determine where and what the problem is exactly. Can anyone give me any advise cause i dont want to make things worse by driving if it is the rear end. Thank you.
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I'm no mechanic so I can't completely answer your question but I wanted to pass along a little info.

Does your truck have the 3.92 LSD rear? If so, some of the third gen trucks with that rear have problems with some sort of c-clips (I think it's called) breaking off in the rear end. My understanding from doing research is that the clips basically hold the entire gear set in the proper position inside the housing. If the clips break off or come loose your truck may still operate normally as long as one of the clips doesn't end up in the gears but it will cause wear over time and some have had to replace both the gear set and the entire rear end housing because of this wear. Don't let this freak you out....I'm not saying that you have this problem. I just wanted to pass along some info in case you weren't aware already.

I thought about pulling my diff cover myself but I am going to take mine to the dealer after the first of the year and let someone who knows exactly what to look for take a look at it. If you do it yourself I would just look for any loose metal pieces or chunks in the old fluid that comes out or in the bottom of the diff housing. Let us know what you do and how it goes if you don't mind.
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First just make sure your diff oil is a normal colour. Take the diff and try to move it around and make sure it does not move any way. Just finished rebuilding my front diff. The carrier bearings went in it. Noticed this when i changed my oil, the diff had excessive side to side movement. If you really wanted to you could measure backlash and check you gear pattern. If its a whining noise i would check your gear patttern and make sure it is normal. Haven't had much to do with the rear diffbut i believe starquest is talking about the c clips holding your axles in, unless you running larger tires i don't think they will be your problem. I'd start with checking that pattern. Let us know how you make out.
I took a look at my fluid. Its pretty brown but still smells good. I'm going t be taking the diff cover off Monday to see what's going on. My tires I have on there are the BF Goodwrench All Terrain KO. There a little bit taller but nothing major. I don't do brake stands or spin the tired going around corners or pull anything heavier then a trailer with an ATV in the back 6-7 times a years other then a load op top soil once a year. I do a lot of highway driving up to the cabin but all said and done I baby my truck and take care of it and do all the maintanence on time. Not to sure what can be wrong but I hope its nothing mojor. I'll let you guys know what I find good or bad. All the best over the holidays!!
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