What's the best shocks?

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I have a 96 2500 V-10. I'm looking for some sturdy shocks for the front. The front end takes on a lot of weight with this engine. Not much off-road, mostly street use. I'm also replacing the rear. I got 85,000 out of the factory set. The other question is, should the front coils be replaced also? The frot end does seam to be sagging a little and can definetly see it in the tire wear.
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How much money do you have to spend?? The "best" i think is personal preferance but that is just me. If you dont beat the truck and it is just a daily driver a good set on monroe shocks will do just fine. Or a bil fully adjustable is where you could go. I think it is really up to how much money you want to spend
After years of "cookie cutter" aftermarket shocks I am ready to step into the next league.
I ran Rancho 5000's in my 94 and 95 4x4 V-10's. They add alot of stability while cornering and brought the ride height back up on both trucks.

I almost bought Bilsteins for my 2002 Ram but decided to try the Monroe Reflex shocks first. After 80K miles I am still happy with my choice but I am still curious if the Billsteins are better or not.
If you have the money go with bilstiens
I have about 6k miles on procomp es 9000 on our 05 2500 and am very pleased with them!
I have a few friends running BDS shocks on their heavy duty trucks and their only complaint was the shocks freezing which is why I went with the nitrogen charged shocks
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