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Got a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, bought it used about 8 years ago with a body lift kit already installed. It has wheels pulled from a Ram with an off-road factory package and the larger tires to go with it, but nothing at all extreme.

My problem is when making a right turn, slowly, I'll hear and feel one clunk noise. Problem started after I rotated the tires, I set the truck back down, but failed to completely tighten the right wheel's lug nuts. We drove a little into a parking lot, then when pulling out, heard a clunk. Stopped, realized my stupidity and tightened the nuts in place. Got home, lifted the truck, removed the wheel, inspected the lug holes on the wheel and the bolts. All checked out ok, so I put the wheel back on, properly tightened the wheel, but the noise still happens.
About a month before, I replaced the idler and pitman arms, and tie rods.

I taken the front right wheel off sense and tried shaking, pulling, turning and checking everything I could see, but couldn't find anything obvious. The hub spins smoothly, but not as freely as the other hub rebuilt 8 years ago.

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