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Hi all, new to this forum so forgive me if this isn't the right place to post.

I have a 2003 Ram 1500 4WD (IFS). Last week I was pulling into a parking bay at the supermarket, and suddenly my wheel came off. All 5 studs had snapped, but I could only find 2. So maybe the others snapped off somewhere else.

I have 35x12.5R17 tires, 2" spacers and after market torsion keys. The mechanic things whoever put the wheel on may have over tightened the nuts, the spacer supplier says they should be tightened to 110, but stock is 135. I'm no mechanic but, for the wheel to snap off, something has been done wrong here. Or were my spacers and studs just really poor quality?

I do experience rubbing at full turn, so yes I know the tires are probably too big for the set up, but surely wheels falling off isn't something that should be happening.

Will I get away with no spacers? Or would they rub way too much? I am in position to buy offset rims, or get new tires. I had this set up for 6 months now, no problems until last week when the wheel came off.

Any help much appreciated!

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I also think that some tire changer(s) forgot to turn the torque level down on the air impact wrench
Your 1500 has 9/16ths wheel studs
a 3/4 ton has studs with a larger diameter
The studs diameter usually gets larger with heavier vehicles

I have watched tire guys put wheels on semi trucks & then turn right around & use the same setting to put on utility trailer or 3/4 ton truck wheels
Sometimes they break the stud right off & try to blame it on a bad stud, other times it just weakens the studs

Our equipment shop would give us hell for what the tire guy did, they said that it was cheaper to have a tire shop change tires & wheels, The equipment shop bought the tires & wheels directly from the manufacturers, not through the tire shop so they only paid for Labor charges
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