Which Bilstein adjustable leveling shock

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Hello I have a 2015 ram 2500 reg cab. And I am trying to figure out which Bilstein shock I need to order. I can find any that are for the 14's and where is the best place to purchase them. I am also looking for an exhaust cat back or axel back if anyone can provide a link and place for them also that would be great. Thanks
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2500's have different suspension. You can put Bilsteins shocks on it but they aren't going to level the truck. For that you need either taller front coils or leveling spacers. You'll want to put longer shocks on at the same time to maintain the ride quality. Depending on how much you lift the front you'll probably want an adjustable track bar too.

As far as exhaust goes, does your truck have a hemi or Cummins?
it has the 5.7 hemi adjustable track Bar what is that lol
Would I need the track bar even for just leveling the front ? Thanks for ur help and advice I really appreciate it. I am leaning towards the moderate mufflex kit as of now. There doesn't seem to be many options for my truck
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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