which cam for 4th gen ram

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ok heres some details on my truck 5.7 2009 1500 4x4

muffler delete
soon to have headers,tuner,fastman tb
wanting to add a supercharger in the future (next tax season)

im really wanting a cam for the noise (already have a twin turbo mustang) not really expecting a "fast" truck out of this

although if i got a few ponies out of this i wouldnt be upset....

anyway i have no idea what i need to look for for this motor i know the 4th gens have the "new hemi".....will a cam from the older 5.7 hemis work in the hemis in the 4th gen rams????

im wanting the sound and drivablity.....:4-dontknow:
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so older 5.7 cams will fit the 09 up "new" 5.7s i know intakes are different and headers are different

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Cam is the same, it just comes with the phase ring so you can keep the VVT. I know several people that have done cam swaps and disabled the VVT in favor of an aggressive cam. I would give Inertia Motorsports a call and talk to Stu, he's one of the best cam guys for the HEMI
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