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I'm installing power windows and power locks in my 99 1500 ST.

I got hold of switch assemblies and switch/motor harness for both from a '95, which is slightly different from the 99 - however my 99 has neither power windows or locks right now, so these are being wired in as new and independent circuits.

I have wiring diagrams for all circuits for both vehicles.

Both circuits are independent of any other circuit on the car (the power locks are being wired in as a 'no key-less entry' and so won't be wired into the TCM - of course both circuits will be wired through the correct fuse/circuit breaker socket in the fuse box).


Power locks.

I'm using the OEM switches and harness, but am using after market solenoids.
The 95 model calls for a 20A fuse and the 99 for a 10A fuse.
As I'm using the 95's switches/harness, I'm thinking I should go with a 20 amp fuse.
Would you agree? or maybe start out with a 10A as it's being installed in a '99, and if it blows a lot, replace it with a 20A?

Electric Windows
I am using the OEM switches, harness and motors for this circuit.
The '95 calls for a 30A Circuit Breaker and the '99 for a 20A CB.
Much the same question; Should I go with the 30A, or start out with the 20A and replace if it blows a lot?

I'm asking this because to me these are independent circuits who's only link to anything else will be the fuse box, so I see no reason not to go with the fuses and Circuit Breakers used in the 95 model - but I wanted to check with those more experienced.

Sorry for the really long post, but I figured I needed to be clear and explain fully.
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