Which one is the reverse light switch, man trans, 1996

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My reverse lights have never worked since I got the truck from my dad. It's a '96 3/4 ton, with the diesel engine and 5 speed transmission.

I am working my way through it and have determined that:

Edit: Fuse is also tested good.

Bulbs are new and good.

Sockets were pretty crusty, so I replaced those. I have tested them off the truck, they are known good.

Occasionally, I could get the old ones to flicker, but now I can't get any voltage at all on the VOM.

So now I'm thinking it's the switch on the transmission, if that's where it is. My manual trans has two switches that I can see, one towards the front and one towards the back. One has three wires, and the other has two wires.

Any insight as to which switch is for the reverse lights, or other tips on how to proceed?

Thanks in advance,

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If that's true, it makes me sad. It's located on top of the tranny and is pretty much inaccessible. I might have to make other arrangements and do it ******* style.

Unless someone knows of a slick easy way to fix this.

On the bright side, I have arranged it so both filaments of the GE silverstar bulb light up, producing much more light than the factory setup.

So once I can turn them on, they will be actually useful.

Finest regards,

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