Which rear spacers are compatable with Air Lift 1000 air bags?

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I'm thinking of adding a leveling kit to my 2014 Ram 1500 sport. I will also be adding a 1.5" spacer to the rear, since I'm often hauling stuff with the truck, and hate the sagged out look.

Any of the rear lift spacers I've seen so far, say they are not compatible with rear air bags.

Are there any spacers that that can be used with rear air bags? Or has anyone modified the spacers and bags to make it work?

Thanks for any insight,

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Top Gun Customz specifically state theirs are compatible with air bags. I've bought from them before and about to again.
This ^^^ is correct! They have a completely open center.

Example, RCX coil spacers ARE NOT completely open. You will need to drill a hole to have the line pass through it.
Not a big deal, just one more step you have to add to the job.
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