Will the RHB radio fit in the 2010? WTB if so!

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I tried to search but RHB is too small or too few letters. Has anyone been able to perform this swap? I read one thread that said it would not fit & another that said it will. My Ram has the base radio & I want good GPS as well as the Sirius with the buffer option that the RHB offers. I can't even find an aftermarket radio with Garmin Nav & Sirius buffer or I would get that. Any help is appreciated!
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it will fit the stock bezel, I've done this swap on another mopar with the same setup as you, as long as it is a slow speed can bus it should plug and play however ensure you have the antenna.

hope that helps.
yes you are right highspeed can bus will fill 09+ Dodge/Jeep/ Chrysler products. Sorry for the mix up, but it will work in your truck.
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