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I have a 1997 dodge ram van b2500. I am having to replace the wiper motor it died but i have a question regarding the water nozzle system.

from the windshield washer tank, i have a hose/line that goes up under the hood below the windshield bezzle (not sure thats what its called but its the area where the wiper linkage and motor is).

its then connected to a splitter and then goes off to each wiper.

basically everything including that splitter is knackered and needs to be replaced might as well replace the main line/hose going to the splitter as well but i can't find any information on what to get.

after the splinter the lines might connect to something on the body i can't tell cause the line coming from the wiper blade arm ends with what appears a clip with a little hole in it (assume thats how water gets in) but i can't find any diagram or pictures of it and as i said the clips are very brittle and broke after all i assume they are 1997 original equipment.

when i bought the van a couple of years ago the drivers side worked pretty good but the passenger just kinda flooded out.

any help would be appreciated.


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