Wire LED bar to high beams?

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I have a LED bar coming to install on my bull bar. I'm wanting to wire it to it's own switch for individual use as well as wire it to come on when the high beams are activated. Is it as simple as just running two power wires? One to the individual switch and the other power wire just tap into the high beam wire on the headlights??
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Hmm...Ok. Once the bar gets here I may end up using your setup. I would rather put the minimal amount of stress on my high beam circuit as possible.
If you are worried about the factory wiring at all (or any backfeeding) put a diode on the high beam wire before the relays (so the power will only go towards the relay).
Google diode and/or look on elb for specifics on that inquiry. I don't know what specific diode you'd require but its basically an electronic device which only permits electricity to flow one way.

Drawing power from the high beams- if you are only using it to trigger a relay, I would not worry. If you are using it for anything more than a trigger and/or to power anything other than the OEM high beams, I would worry/not do it at all.

The diode would prevent any random/stray currents (electricity) from flowing back into the high beam wire, which could in theory bugger with the computer/blow fuses, etc. (on the very off chance the relay shorted out, or the aftermarket light itself, or some other random event).
I'd still use a diode between the headlight wire and the relay.. unless the relay has a diode built in.
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