Won't Start

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Hi guys, :att:
I have a 96 Ram 3500, 12v 2nd Gen 5.9L Turbo Cummins.
Plugged in last night went well below 0C... close to -20C, fired it up this morning no problem... ran for about 15 minutes then quit before it was warmed up.
I tried to start it again, it seems to start but quits within 1 second, new fuel filter installed, Howes conditioner used faithfully, then I noticed when I turn the key to "on" position there is no "Wait" or "WIF" light only parking brake and seatbelt lights, also the guages don't "cycle".

I'm guessing computer.. PCM or ECM??? :4-dontknow: where is it and how do I check it?

Any ideas?

I have had the guages go "dead" while driving in the past for short periods then begin working again...
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Can you hear lift pump cycle?
No I don't hear the lift pump cycle.
New Development

ok.. so I got it running after discovering the 10 amp fuse in the #9 position that controls the lift pump, ECU/PCU, etc. was blown, but it keeps blowing after about 10 minutes of idling...???

Bad relay, or ground???

After checking the ground, battery terminals, the intake heater relays, intake heater, and all the relays in the power distribution box, I focused on the "Fuel Shutdown Solenoid" and "Fuel Shutdown Solenoid Relay". the relay was an easy check... but the solenoid was a bit of a p.i.t.a! I had to get a buddy to watch it while I cranked the engine... and it would not retract! if I depressed it manually it would hold in the "on" position but it would not retract itself!
On closer examination I could see separation with the epoxy seal and obvious corrosion/oxidation underneath.
$850.00+tax OUCH!!! :Wow1:
Swapped out the solenoid and all is good!!! :smileup:
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Your welcome!

I didn't want it to appear as another asked but unsolved question...

It's easy to ask a question... answers can be hard to come by, and it was by reading similar threads that I was able to narrow my search and eventually find the problem!

I hope this thread helps narrow someone else search or better yet answer a question!!

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