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Hello fellow forum members. This coming weekend I will be performing many suspension replacements on my 2007 Ram 1500 4wd quad cab. My vehicle now has 84K miles. The list of replacements include;
1. Moog greaseable ball joints (uppers).
2. Moog constant rate coil springs.
3. Front CV drive shafts (full shafts) driver and passenger sides.
I wanted to ask the community for any tips or advice to consider when pressing the old joints out and the new ones in. A friend of mine who has been a mechanic for many years has offered to help me with this DIY. He has told me we should be able to fabricate a press for the ball joints. Has anyone done this themselves and what materials were used?
I have had the struts out many times before due to leveling spacers and shock upgrades so I’m confident with the coil replacements. I made the mistake of only replacing a worn CV boot in the past while for $20 dollars more I could have replaced the entire CV drive shaft. Needless to say the replacement boot has torn again and this time I won’t waste my time.
Thank you for reading and I look forward to any tips or advice.
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