Yes, another de-badging thread...the less mess edition! (with pics)

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washed my rig and parked it inside just in time for the big storm, decided to take the day off and spend some time playing. Been wanting to debadge this thing since the day i brought it home a month ago. whole job took about 2 hours, taking my time, including tailgate.

Before.... no kidding

mmy weapon of choice....heated up each letter individually, takes about 30 seconds a piece on low to get them loose enough to slide the sharpened paintstick behind as mentioned by AzHunter here- the heat gun makes the job very easy.

this is what you're left with if everything goes right....just the adhesive. As you can see the bottom edges have been rolled up, thats what the paintstick does. Now, alot of guys are using rubber erase wheels or trying to scrape the adhesive off with the paintstick....STOP! take a break, let the adhesive cool down to room temp, now with your fingers start picking and pullin g at the opposite end of where you pushed the paintstick under....if you try the same spot it will be extremely difficult as the paintstick and heat smear the adhesive.

Heres what happens if you wait for it to cool.....very easy removal. Please excuse the busted thumb

No thanks on the eraser wheel

this is what you're left with....a little bit of adhesive that was smeared by the stick, and probably a little dirt thats been underneath there for god knows how long.

this is where a little bit of solvent will come in handy, use whatever you want, this is what i use at my shop so its what i used here. any wax and grease remover will do, or goo gone if youre into that greasy orangey garbage.

I use scotts shop towels on a roll for everything, worked great for this job, gentle on the paint but strong enough to pick up the adhesive without scratching. I actually went over the sticky spots with a pretty heavy amount and let it soak in first so i didnt have to scrub the paint and possibly scratch it

Voila....make sure to take a minute and give the area a coat of wax, unprotected paint is unhappy paint.

then play with your letters obviously

dont forget the tailgate.....and get rid of that dealership sticker while you're at it.

There you have it....the less mess edition

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looks much better, always nice to see a little bit different way of doing it (letting it cool in this case) I have been up in the air about doing my truck, I think I am going to leave it.... the dealer badge on mine was "etched" into the tail gate or something to that effect, but has faded off and only part of it shows, so maybe I will tackle that... my parents 08 has pretty big badges above where the Hemi badge is, 1 on each side
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